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 quick Q&A
   Randy McCreith, Principal Broker
A contractor for over 19 years and experi- ence in corporate sales led Randy to Real Estate over 17 years ago. Since those early days he has yet to stop moving or grow-
ing his businesses. He and his wife, Joni, launched Bella Casa Real Estate Group in March of 2007 with a handful of committed and skilled brokers. He has always operated within the Team Model, and feels pas- sionately that this is the best way to serve buyers and sellers alike. He works full time with sellers; "I think like a seller; I negotiate for sellers exclusively; I represent the best interests of sellers only." He works with 8 experienced and accomplished Brokers (7
of whom are verteran Principal Brokers), to ensure that every Buyer is provided with the same enthusiastic representation and loyalty he pours into sellers.
   Q: What would you say is unique about the way The McCreith Team operates?
R: I think the two areas where we as a team are especially unique in our approach to selling homes in the greater Yamhill County area are 1) there are always two (2) full time Realtors® working on every one of our listings, and 2) we have an exceptional support staff in the office who help us to produce some of the best and most generous maketing materials for the presentation of our listings to potential buyers. Of course it goes well beyond even that, but that's the brief answer.
Q: How was 2018?
R: It was great. In 2018 our team sold over $41 million (working with buyers and sellers). Having tirelessly worked through 7 years of the worst Real Estate marketplace since the Great Depression, the last few year have been increasing satisfying, knowing that it wasn't for nothing. We gain experience in knowledge through the lean years as well as - if not moreso - through the plentiful years. Since our team began in 2007, we have sold over $150 million of Seller's real estate!
Q: Do you have any predictions for 2019?
R: Yes! I'm looking forward to it! Here are my bullet-pointed thoughts on the year ahead of us: 1) We should see the most balanced marketplace for buyers and sellers in the past in 12 years. I be- lieve that is good for everyone. 2) Interest rates should remain historically low - likely between 5% & 5.5% for a 30 year fixed rate loan. 3) New con- struction throughout the Portland area might have the biggest impact on the marketplace due to the basic supply/demand principal. It is the greatest threat for leading to a downturn in the marketplace. 4) We believe the “urban demand era” will begin to fade as people once again move out to the suburbs and rural areas to avoid the incessant congestion and the chaotic issues of the streets and the urban core. 5) Oregon’s wine region will continue to gain national prominence and grow specifically helped by the challenges that have happened in California for the past sev- eral years. 6) Yamhill County will continue to do well also because we are more affordable than the close-in metro areas.
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                     Fantastic West Hills home with open floor plan, 2129 sq ft, 4 bed/2 bath, bonus room, RV parking.
Lacey Summers, Broker Licensed in Oregon
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